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One of the most important parts of preventive maintenance for your vehicle is keeping the wheels in alignment. Poor alignment causes your tires to wear unevenly, which can significantly reduce their lifespan. This means you will have to replace them more often, which is costly. It can even damage your suspension system, which is very costly to repair. But even more importantly, uneven tread wear can lead to blowouts on the road, a dangerous and potentially deadly safety risk.

It may not take an accident or bad driving habits to “knock” your tires out of alignment. Tires can go out of alignment with just everyday driving. Road hazards, potholes, uneven or gravel roads, even the bumps and bounces of normal roadways can gradually put your tires out of alignment.

So, it’s good auto advice to have your alignment inspected periodically. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will have recommendations on how often your alignment should be checked: usually every 2 years or so. But if you think your tires might be out of alignment, you should take your car in now.

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